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UNRWA is the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees all over the Middle East. It’s short of resources under normal circumstances but right now it’s struggling to provide for the tens of thousands of people fleeing Israeli fire in Gaza right now. If you any ability to do so, please consider making a donation. If not, then please spread the word.

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Anonymous said: Do you think Hamas should stop firing rockets and such for now since it is making the situation worse? Israel will never stop its crimes as long as it exists, but more deaths of innocent people should be prevented. Would it even be a first step? I really want to know your stance on this problem.


If Israel will never stop its crimes so long as it exists, what are Palestinians supposed to do? Are they supposed to just lie down in the streets and wait for Israel’s crimes to hit them? My stance is that the Palestinian people under Israeli fire, being killed by the dozens every day, have every right to defend themselves against the zionist aggressor however they see fit. 


[OFFICIAL] SISTAR Hyorin – Teaser Photo For ‘Touch My Body’ 2048x1534

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